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Sometimes it isn’t easy to stay up to date with healthcare management trends. There is much information available, but how can you capture the correct info. That is a challenge I have struggled with, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve started to share articles, links, webpages, books that I find helpful during my work as an international healthcare consultant.

Healthcare Management resources

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Books on healthcare management

HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Leadership in Healthcare with an introduction by Thomas H. Lee (2018)

An small book with eleven Harvard Business Review articles on leadership in healthcare with articles by Jim Collins, John P. Kotter, Robert S. Kaplan and Thomas H. Lee. This book focusses on leadership with links to value-based healthcare.

Gewoon anders: een vurig pleidooi voor een ongewone gang van zaken by Marc Noppen (2021)

In this book Marc Noppen, the CEO of the university hospital of Brussels, shares his management experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, he also provides his management insights about the Belgian healthcare system.

Social Work and Integrated Care (Student Social Work) by Robin Miller (2019)

In this book Robin Miller provides a clear insight in the interaction between social work and the different forms of integrated care. In the last two chapters of the book, Miller explains how to integrate social work and care in a step by step process.

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