My name is Jef Hendrickx, and I’m an international healthcare consultant. I provide additional oxygen to healthcare providers by:

  • Increasing process efficiency, improving available capacity, optimising resources, and lowering costs.
  • A better alignment between the current healthcare delivery and the care demand and the development of new care business models.
  • Providing providers and governments more insights into their data and (digital) transformation possibilities.

I work with providers and governments in Europe and Africa.

My blog is above all a collection of thoughts and experiences that I would like to share with you. The large majority will be healthcare related but I cannot promise that other topics will not appear once in while. I’m writing in Dutch and English depending on the topic.

Twitter is my preferred channel to share information. Because it allows me to share several updates and interesting healthcare facts per day. That’s why you get a good overview of the different topics I share or write opinions on my Twitter feed page.

If you are looking for a book on healthcare, visit my book list. What I’m about to read you can see in my reading list. If you are just browsing my blog, have a look at my favorite quotes

My company Coverton is a boutique consultancy firm focusing on healthcare management and strategy. If you need assistance with efficiency improvements of processes, aligning of healthcare delivery to the local demand or if you want to gain additional insights form all the data you collect, don’t hesitate to contact Coverton.

To sum up, I hope you enjoy my blog. Don’t hesistate to provide me feedback and suggestions.

Best regards,

Jef Hendrickx